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Built by sleep doctors, for sleep doctors

to help patients live longer, healthier and happier lives.

Are you a sleep physician, a PA or an NP?


Are you looking to improve patient care by using telemedicine or taking your existing practice online?


The benefits speak for themselves.

Increased patient connectivity obtained through our national coverage

Improved practice support, logistics & efficiency by connecting to our proprietary medical care platform

Virtual care means a flexible appointment schedule for you and your patients

Enhanced patient experiences through superior care and 24-7 support

Easy integration and expansion of your existing practice by connecting to our digital platform

Easy digital tracking of patient outcomes, progress and nPAP orders

Sleeping Together

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Sleep Physician FAQ

What does Ognomy offer sleep physicians?

We are offering sleep physicians the opportunity to add a turnkey virtual practice (telemedicine, customer service, home sleep test logistics, built-in automation, integrated payments) to their existing practice and take their practice online, or start their own virtual practice for sleep apnea care. Becoming a sleep doctor online means you get to chose where and when you work. Our platform connects you to a nation-wide patient network.

How does Ognomy work for sleep physicians?

Ognomy provides a HIPAA-compliant, web-based, comprehensive telemedicine platform focused on sleep medicine. The physicians we partner with can provide sleep telemedicine services to patients while Ognomy handles the administrative aspects of running a virtual practice. It is the only end-to end service, with built in automation, where sleep providers can evaluate, diagnose and treat patients, all from the comfort of their own homes.

How do sleep physicians get paid through Ognomy?

Our model offers patients the option to pay through insurance or via self-pay. Physicians can leverage their billing team, or use one of our trusted 3rd party billing companies, for reimbursement. The provider retains all of the professional fees that are charged for the physician’s professional services. In return for providing the infrastructure for you to host your telemedicine services and connecting you to our pan-American network of patients, managing practice operations, providing sleep tests and managing all logistics of DME, Ognomy charges small fees for each transaction. Ognomy also offers exceptional customer service so you can be the best sleep doctor online.

Does Ognomy get a percentage of the fee?

Ognomy charges small fees for each transaction, not a percentage of your revenue.

What additional software will I need? Will I need an EMR?

No, you won’t need to invest in any additional software. Everything you need to be a sleep doctor online is available within the HIPAA compliant Ognomy telemedicine platform. 

What are the benefits of using Ognomy over other telemedicine platforms?

-No upfront capital investment needed -Our workflow automations enable you to run a viable virtual practice -Easily attract new patients through digital channels -Improve your practice efficiency and lower overheads while focusing on patient care instead of administrative tasks -Unlock a flexible schedule and improved access to care. Work when, and from where, you want to work -We handle customer service on your behalf -Benefit from our national presence -No outside software or EMR required. Everything you need to run a virtual practice is available within the Ognomy platform

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